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Life can be sweet.


Redefining the way 
reality is perceived.

Being involved with XR and Industry 4.0 for a number of years, we have experienced the changes and benefits those technologies have to offer.

Our experience in Virtual, Augmented & Mixed Reality, Industry 4.0, digital transformations, business development, strategic differentiation, training & education, enable our team to identify, develop, and deliver optimal and engaging solutions.


Our Parallel Adventure


Our Industry 4.0 and XR journey begins

  • Assisted German Industry 4.0 technology leader (Top German Innovator) to enter the market of Americas.

  • Creation of pioneering VR artistic projects that get critically acclaimed.


The journey on Smart Technologies continues

  • Development of New Product Category, consulting & transition support for Industry 4.0 technological solutions.

  • Introduction of Virtual & Augmented Reality practices to the Greek market.



Georgio Stergiou,

Chief Executive Officer

Christina Chrysanthopoulou, Chief Creative Director

Vasili Papakonstantinou,

Chief Technical Officer


What our partners say.

…his creative capacity, business sense, results-minded attitude, are what put him at the top of the league…

Dr. Ali Fenwick, Managing partner LEAD TCM&L - NL

…self-motivated, problem solver, result driven individual, to get your business to the next level… 

Wolfgang Nitschke, Managing Consultant, NIT Network GmbH - DE

...a sterling job in my division…

Dr. Mohamed El-Borai, Vice President Customer Support Services, Airbus - FR

...innate sense of logic and work ethics…

Hans G. Krauss, Customer Support Director, Airbus - FR

...leadership that has resulted in a huge increase in revenues…

James O´Grady, Country Head Netherlands,
Appco - NL

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