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Life can be sweet.


Redefining the way 
reality is perceived.

Being involved with XR and Industry 4.0 for a number of years, we have experienced the changes and benefits those technologies have to offer.

Our experience in Virtual, Augmented & Mixed Reality, Industry 4.0, digital transformations, business development, strategic differentiation, training & education, enable our team to identify, develop, and deliver optimal and engaging solutions.


Our Parallel Adventure


Our Industry 4.0 and XR journey begins

  • Assisted German Industry 4.0 technology leader (Top German Innovator) to enter the market of Americas.

  • Creation of pioneering VR artistic projects that get critically acclaimed.


The journey on Smart Technologies continues

  • Development of New Product Category, consulting & transition support for Industry 4.0 technological solutions.

  • Introduction of Virtual & Augmented Reality practices to the Greek market.



Georgio Stergiou,

Chief Executive Officer

Christina Chrysanthopoulou, Chief Creative Director


What our partners say.

…his creative capacity, business sense, results-minded attitude, are what put him at the top of the league…

Dr. Ali Fenwick, Managing partner LEAD TCM&L - NL

…self-motivated, problem solver, result driven individual, to get your business to the next level… 

Wolfgang Nitschke, Managing Consultant, NIT Network GmbH - DE

...a sterling job in my division…

Dr. Mohamed El-Borai, Vice President Customer Support Services, Airbus - FR

...innate sense of logic and work ethics…

Hans G. Krauss, Customer Support Director, Airbus - FR

...leadership that has resulted in a huge increase in revenues…

James O´Grady, Country Head Netherlands,
Appco - NL

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