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Preventive Maintenance & Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 solutions will provide the best preventive maintenance concepts for companies. Machine downtimes and machine time to repair, will be minimized; the production flow will continuously improve.

Currently, there are three challenges for preventive and condition-based maintenance. Those are:

  1. Easy establishment of information at the machine,

  2. Flexible evaluation and analysis of the information,

  3. Fast and targeted forwarding of the information.

Smart software solutions supports comprehensive transparency and interoperability in real- time. You have at any time and place, all information available. It is the key to meet all the above three challenges and to provide your maintenance technicians with optimum support.

Industry 4.0 enhanced solutions must empower you with:

  • Real-time Condition Monitoring

Your machines and sensor data are recorded and displayed in real time, providing the basis for real-time condition monitoring. Data visualization will not be restricted to the control station. The same solution is available everywhere, using big screens, smart devices like tablets, smartphones or even smart watches. This will be on the premises or in the cloud and accessed by predetermined people, including experts and technicians.

  • Flexible Evaluation & Analysis Options

Intuitively presented software solution allows you to use highly customized, predefined rules and analyse production planners, process experts, and even maintenance technicians will be able to configure, on their own, without the need for complicated IT know-how. Being designed for human needs and not with the machine on mind, smart software adapt to the users’ particular needs. The maintenance technician can create rules, like pre-defined machine parameters, that trigger notice of upcoming maintenance in the form of texts, messages or emails. This will result in maintenance performed only when it is actually needed. You will be able to set limited values and rules, so unscheduled machine stoppages will be immediately displayed and notifications will be sent to the relevant people. All in real-time.

  • Targeted Notifications instantly forwarded to experts

Smart software solutions identify upcoming maintenance task, based on parameters pre-set. This information is directed only to people you want to receive it. When an issue has been dealt with, relevant information is noted for the task performed, so next maintenance technician can have instant access. Each technician has a smart device, tablet or smart phone, which is intuitively presenting overviews and statuses of maintenance they have done or are currently performing. Experts in the plant continuously improve the maintenance cycle. Maintenance technicians continue to tweak the condition monitoring parameters as time goes by and also add new parameters. In the case of a technician’s being on sick leave, the knowledge library of maintenance and repair notifies and instructs the replacement technician. He/she only have to follow set instruction, which results in reduced training and HR flexibility. Information are constantly expanded and updated or shared, leading to a continual improvement in repair times.

Experience the next level of maintenance and all the added benefits Industry 4.0 will bring.

Xintrix is an Industry 4.0 specialists company which uses ¨Best Industry 4.0 Practices¨ to simplify your complexities. If you would like to know more on how preventive maintenance implementation can be targeted and predictive, please see our website

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