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Industry 4.0 – Simplifying your complexities

Simplify your complexities

Industry 4.0 stands for the fourth industrial revolution. It refers to a combination of a number of innovations in digital technology, aiming to transform many industries. This transformation at its core, comes from Germany and is already taking place around the world. It involves many paradigm changes and aims to simplify complexities.

Industry 4.0 transition does not happen just from changes in the company IT infrastructure. A successful Industry 4.0 transition has to first address specific organizational challenges and then identify and use flexible and agile software solutions that will fit the targets of the clients, adapted to specific needs and size of the value innovation aimed to be achieved.

Smart software solutions empower companies with unparalleled transparency, interoperability and instantaneous data. They can be part of an existing IT infrastructure (MES, ERP, company own, etc.) or as stand-alone solutions.

Industry 4.0 can lead to:

  • Operational Efficiency – Up to 40% improvement

  • Quality – Zero defects

  • Energy reduction – Up to 30%

  • Set up time of machines – Up to 40% reduction

  • Productivity – 20% to 30% improvement

  • Traceability – 100%

  • Resource Utilization – More than 20% Improvement

  • Zero Downtime – 20 years NO system downtime

Utilizing Industry 4.0 benefits will shift the performance and efficiency of your operations leading to competitive advantages, attracting new clients and talking operational efficiency to the next level, resulting in a fast ROI and added opportunities.

Internally, this level of transparency will empower your people to come up with improved business processes, leading to new business opportunities.

Would you like to experience the paradigm change of the new industrial revolution and know more about how Industry 4.0 can simplify your company’s complexities?

Contact me directly.

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